New Construction and Remodel Electrical Service

"Lou Mayes of Mayes Electric has wired well over 100 houses and many remodeling jobs my construction company has completed over a 19 year period.   In my line of work, I come across a lot of electricians, however without any hesitation I chose Lou Mayes to wire my new home in 1987.    In all my years of construction, I never received any call backs from homeowners of whom Lou did the wiring."

- Raymond S

Plumbing Supply Warehouse / Showroom

"To whom it may concern,

Lou Mayes has worked with our plumbing supply company for the past 15+ years.

He's always made sure our electrical infrastructure was up to code at a fair price.

One year our electrical service was overheating and we had received several bids from electrical contractors to solve our problem.  All of them except Lou told us we needed a service upgrade.  When Lou came and inspected our panel, he quickly determined we simply had a balancing problem and had our dilemma fixed in an hour."

- Gary P

Fire Marshalls Approve...

"During my 14 year tenure of Inspector, Assistant Fire Marshal, and Fire Marshal I have inspected multitudes of electrical jobs Lou Mayes has completed.   Lou ALWAYS provides top quality work and ALWAYS follows codes.  I have never seen him cut corners and his work is some of the neatest I've seen.  Of all the many inspections I have performed for Lou, he has never once failed a NEC Inspection. 

I asked Lou to assist me on some of the larger commercial inspections within my fire district because of his expertise and knowledge he has as an electrician. 

I would recommend Mayes Electric highly and would be comfortable having them wire my own home without any doubt."

- Charles L


"I have known Lou Mayes for approximately 15 years.  During that time as Fire Marshal, I have personally worked side by side with Mr. Mayes inspecting his work many times.  His work has always been neat and orderly and more importantly BEYOND what the code requires.  Lou has always worked well with our inspectors in the area."

- Gary K

Auto Parts Store

"We've been using Mayes Electric for all our electrical work over the past 25 years.  The first year, Lou Mayes installed a 3 phase service in our machine shop and has been our electrician since!  Lou has taken care of all our electrical work such as signs, lights and computers with promptness and amazing service.

Lou Mayes is a fine electrician and a very well respected businessman in Jefferson County. "

- Jim M

Complicated and Expensive Equipment

"Mayes Electric has worked on various electrical projects for our global company since approximately 1997.

We have used Lou for everything from standard wiring needs to wiring complicated expensive studio equipment.  He has always completed every task with exceptional quality.

I have found Lou to be a wealth of electrical knowledge and he's always given us outstanding service over the years."

- Dan G

Car Wash Manufacturer

"Since 1993, Mayes Electric has been providing us exceptional electrical service.  Lou Mayes designed our 34,000sq ft building's electrical layout...installed the 400amp 3 phase service...wired all our office computers and lighting...plus ran all the services necessary for our car wash manufacturing equipment. 

When we added 16,000sq ft, Lou wired and upgraded our service to 800amp 3 phase.  Additionally, all of Mayes Electric's work has been above BOCA code.

When the time came, I chose Lou Mayes to wire my stepson's home.  He applied for all the permits and wired it with the same professional style he has shown at our factory. "

- Don C

Building Inspector Approves...

"While I was a building inspector, I had the opportunity to inspect Lou Mayes' work on a regular basis.  Lou is not only a great electrician whom provides excellent service, but also very honest in his work and business practices.  His work is excellent...I surely want him to represent my county as a licensed electrician."

- Mike B

Electrical Supply Distributor Approves...

"I have know Lou Mayes for over 25 years...and have found him to be an honest, trustworthy, and reputable electrician.  We chose Lou to wire one of our new buildings...and chose him to do work in my home. 

In my opinion, Lou's electrical knowledge is excellent and I highly recommend him as an electrical contractor."

- John D


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